AndyA (andyanarchist) wrote,

Wow, the worlds best idea.

I stole this from Scott Adams Journal. Its not mine I Take no Credit, I don't even take credit for reading it. I just kinda absorbed it but I have a feeling I'd love to sit, have a beer, and talk with any man who could think of this:

GREAT Idea or Possibly Stupid

I have a theory that says no one can tell the difference between a GREAT idea and a stupid one. If anyone had that sort of insight, he would be able to charge a billion dollars an hour for consulting, and there would be a long line of corporations willing to pay it.

People can often tell the difference between a run-of-the-mill "GOOD" idea and a bad idea. But GREAT ideas often look identical to stupid ones right up until the moment they work.

With that in mind, I give you my latest idea that is either great or stupid. Pretend you can tell the difference. I call my idea the Hypnosis Restaurant.

All patrons of the hypnosis restaurant would agree to be hypnotized before dining. Obviously this would make the food taste better and the service would appear spectacular. The hypnosis would all be above board and voluntary. And for liability reasons the restaurant would record everything that happens with security cameras and get signed releases.

As a trained hypnotist myself, I can tell you that about 20% of the public is highly suggestible. For them, the dining experience would be a guaranteed 4-star experience. And contrary to popular myths, people do remember their time under hypnosis. So customers would have great memories to take with them too.

Once under hypnosis, your dining options would be unlimited. One obvious advantage is that the kitchen would never run out of anything you want. Your server could give you a turnip and tell you it was crème brulee. You'd enjoy it just as much as if it was crème brulee, and as a bonus you wouldn’t need to wear your fat pants the next day.

Another benefit is that you could have dinner with anyone you wanted, living or dead, at least in your mind. I know from my previous post that many of you regularly imagine conversations with Ben Franklin. He could join you at the table along with any celebrity of your choice. You could specify your dinner fantasy in advance and then the hypnotist would provide it. If you want Paris Hilton at your table, or under it, the choice is yours.

For the majority of the public who are less easily hypnotized, even they would get a tremendous benefit from the relaxation that comes with hypnosis. In fact, most people enjoy being hypnotized as much as they would enjoy a manicure or a foot massage. It simply feels good to be the subject of someone’s undivided attention and have no responsibility other than relaxing. And as you know, food tastes better when you’re in a relaxed frame of mind. So even if you couldn’t hallucinate that Ben Franklin was at your table, you’d still be glad you came.

From the restaurant’s point of view, I can’t think of a better way to generate repeat business. Some people would resist the suggestion that they should come again, thinking they are being manipulated. But for every one of those people there is another who will agree to eat at the Hypnosis Restaurant seven times a day and think it was his own idea. In time, the entire business would consist of the most highly suggestible people who become regulars. This would be a big money saver for the restaurant because at that point you could stop serving food and just tell people they’re eating.

Eventually there would be some sort of lawsuit alleging that the Hypnosis Restaurant is forcing people to repeatedly patronize the restaurant against their wills. But in order to win that suit, a lawyer would have to convince a jury of your peers that free will doesn’t exist.

And you know that won’t happen.

Now thats just Great.
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