AndyA (andyanarchist) wrote,

Somthing New-

I know I said I'd write in here all the time but it feels I have nothing to really say.

But I've discovered I hate myself and my low will power.

The last few days I've watched TV, constantly almost.  Its just I'd turn it on and sit there and watch somthing, not somthing I really wanted to but just the best out of what was available. 

On advice I've started just unplugging my tv yesterday morning.  I then took a shower and realised as soon as I got out and dried off I automatically went for the remote to turn it back on. 

I think its part of having ADD and also now that I'm single again. 

I realised its only been 6 weeks since I broke up with Steph.  It feels so much longer ago some days and so much shorter others.  I've decided that I deserve to be treated better than that.  May she wake up years from now, realize what she lost, and cry knowing that she will never get it back from me. 

The only sad thing is I think I've become a bit more bitter and guarded about myself now.  I guess thats just my own emotional growth.  So it goes.

Well its almost 11 and time to get Victoria. 

Good nite world.
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