AndyA (andyanarchist) wrote,

I hate you Timber

So I remember it's 2nd St. Patricks day this weekend.  So I need to purcahse gifts (stabby or drinky).  So I decide to stop at the bar to see if Pat was around and find out what he wants.  Well I have a SoCo and 7.  Its all I wanted.  Then after its almost done he comes over with a SoCo bottle and dumps enough in to almost fill the glass.  Then a few shots and another SoCo later I realise I"m fucked.

I go home at 11 and call up some friends and chat.  Well after all that its around 12mn and I decide to lay down.  Bad idea the room is spinning like a centerfuge.  So after wandering the house and trying to straighten out at 1 I finally lay down and pass out with the lights on.  Well I get up this morning to find all the lights off and the heater on.  I have no idea how that happened.  Stupid alchool zombie effects.

I supposed to go out this weekend to and drink some more with friends for the 2nd St. Patricks day.  I think I imght have to just do soda. 

All in all I guess the main point I"m trying to make is I don't like alchool.
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